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Episode 61 – The Face in The Window



Posted by Steve

With Autism Awareness month on the horizon, Geek Out Loud joins forces with our good friend Kim to help raise funds for her participation in Walk Now For Autism Speaks. Help Kim meet and break her goal of $2,000 raised by heading over to and donating to a great cause.

On this episode we talk about that, We stroll through some e-mails, Steve goes on a Star Wars rant, Derek gives us a reading from the Star Wars Encyclopedia, we talk a little bit about John Carter, we have some fun with some snippets, and a Round 3 all culminating in some serious talk about the Rocky franchise.


Just what is that face in the window?

Episode 60 – Transitional Hearkenings



Posted by Steve

This transitional episode of Geek Out Loud hearkens back to the days when randomness abounded on the show. We roll through some rather in depth e-mails, and one not so deep, and then it’s on to talking our favorite Superhero of all time…SUPERMAN! All this, and a Round 3 to boot. Oh, and does anyone remember Spaceballs being rated PG-13 when it was released in theatres? Because I do.