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Episode 53 – Insert Clever Quip About Marvel Movies Here



Posted by Steve

Derek and Steve react to Thor and Captain America. Did Alan Silvestri give us the first true superhero theme since Elfman’s Batman? How did Steve like Sherlock? Godzilla marathon anyone? More Muppets talk…of course, and hows about a spin of the wheel for Round Three. All this and your e-mails on your safe place to geek out.

Episode 5 – The Podcast Strikes Back



Posted by Steve

In my effort to post all nine of the first podcast, here is number 5 as it was originally posted in November of ’07:

After two weeks, Geek Out Loud returns.  On the show we talk about the new Captain America, Heroes, Justice League (again) and a litle bit about the recent happenings at and Rory’s Death Kiss dot com. There is also a little Smallville talk with a huge shout out to Derek over at Starkville’s House of El for letting me sit in and guest host on their most recent episode.