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Episode 50 – Low Key Epiversary



Posted by Steve

Happy epiversary everyone. This is number fifty after only three years. Derek and I discuss your e-mails and some other things that you’ve asked us to discuss. I relay my trip to Disney Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios. Also, the return of a podcast…within the podcast.

Episode 49 – THE RETURN!



Posted by Steve

Geek Out Loud is back. ‘Nuff Said? Not even barely. How about Derek Russell (reluctant co-host)? E-mails! Muppets! Summer 2011! TRON! and more. It’s a fitting way to return to your safe place to geek out…this IS THE GEEK OUT LOUD PODCAST!

Episode 41 – 8 bit fun (Buy a SHIRT)



Posted by Steve

In this episode, we talk to you about the importance of buying a GOL T-Shirt or hoodie. Who’s we? Derek and me. That’s who.

Also, we may talk a bit about video games.

The Phantom Menace Tenth Anniversary Special



Posted by Steve

A day late, but I wanted to do something special for 10th anniversary of the release of The Phantom Menace. So, my good friend Derek from SHoE, Skynext, and The Tenth Wonder joins me to give some commentary on the first of the prequel trilogy. So pop in your DVD and enjoy!