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Episode 76 – Michael Cohen of Mars



Posted by Steve

Michael Cohen from Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast, Quiver: The Arrow Podcast, and The forthcoming The Rebels Podcast stops by to talk about John Carter of Mars, Disney conspiracy theories, and of course Star Wars. It’s a long one, so buckle in and enjoy your safe place to geek out!

Episode 71 – The Clone Wars Dilemma



Posted by Steve

Michael Cohen, graphic designer extraordinaire, stops by to discuss Disney’s handling of the Star Wars property thus far. It’s a much better take on things than Steve’s unreleased Star Wars Corner episode…and it’s a conversation that wasn’t intended to happen.

GOL Special – Mickeychlorians



Posted by Steve

Steve’s mind is blown for the first time in his life. Derek continues to amaze Steve with what the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm means. Star Wars Episode 7 speculation begins. Michael Cohen from Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast joins the guys to discuss the future of our beloved animated series. And there are jokes. Steve passes out…twice. All this on a special edition of Geek Out Loud.