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Episode 80 – Bib Up!



Posted by Steve

Steve and Derek cover a few things in this episode. Primarily THOR: THE DARK WORLD and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor.” Along the way there are e-mails, snippets, and a couple of off mic conversations. What five movies and TV shows would the guys watch if forced to only watch five? Have their feelings on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. changed at all? Are the Media Junkyard guys still around? All of this and more on your safe place to geek out!

Episode 54 – Shoes, Blu’s,Who’s, and A Green Album



Posted by Steve

NThis episode is full of geeky goodness as Derek and Steve run the gamut from Godzilla to Nike Mags and back again. Listener e-mails, talk of the new season of Doctor Who, what does Steve think about the changes to the Star Wars saga that we will see on the blu ray versions of the films, and a whole lot of wackiness as the guys do a late night recording session for the first time in months. Enjoy! OH…and of course there is Muppet talk.

Episode 49 – THE RETURN!



Posted by Steve

Geek Out Loud is back. ‘Nuff Said? Not even barely. How about Derek Russell (reluctant co-host)? E-mails! Muppets! Summer 2011! TRON! and more. It’s a fitting way to return to your safe place to geek out…this IS THE GEEK OUT LOUD PODCAST!

Episode 45 – Impromptu GOL Call In Spectacular



Posted by Steve

It’s everything from comics to Clone Wars, Lost to Smallville, and everything in between as an impromptu call in show gets underway and more people than I imagined showed up. It’s a supersized episode of GOL with the greatest podcast listening audience in the Universe letting its voice be heard. To help donate to Kim’s Walk for Autism Speaks head over to

Episode 28 – We Forgot to Talk About the Sonic Screwdriver



Posted by Steve

On this episode of Geek Out Loud, we welcome Dave Jonese from The Vortex to the show as we talk a little about Dr. Who. Just what is Dr. Who? Why should I watch? Where should I start? We answer these questions and most likely present a few more as we SKEW OFF from time to time for discussions of Inspector Gadget, Star Wars, and we finally talk about something to make all of you Trekkies happy. All this and your e-mail on this episode of Geek Out Loud.