Episode 14 – What the Hay?

An episode that I had more fun with than I probably should have.  Derek from Starkville’s House of El and The Tenth Wonder Podcast AND Skynext joins the show for some talk and laughter about the Muppets. That’s right. An episode promised over seven months ago finally comes to fruition as hilarity and fun like only Kermit and the gang can offer is discussed.

It should be mentioned that immediately after recording the podcast, Derek and I learned of the passing of Kermit Love. Love was a long time friend of Jim Henson. So close were they as kids that Henson named his most famous creation, a felt frog with ping pong ball eyes, after Love. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Love’s family and friends.

For more about the muppets, check out www.muppets.com for some great videos and wacky Muppets fun. Also, check out The Muppet Cast a very well put together podcast by Steve Swanson full of news and classic Muppet moments.