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Episode 23 – Addendum to the Future



Posted by Steve

In this extra sized episode (Fitting once you hear about the real life super hero.), Derek stops by to talk Back to the Future.  From the movies to the ride at Universal Studios, we talk about it all.  Also, two very special guests stop in to talk Clone Wars….and some other things.   We continue the quest to the ForceCast, and we check out your e-mail.

Here are a couple of links mentioned in the show:

To check out Michael Bailey’s Views from the Longbox podcast, head over to”.

To check out Jason’s Shadowy Flight podcast, get to the iTunes store link. Don’t forget to check out yours truly on the show.

Of course, to e-mail the good folks at the ForceCast and request a Big Honkin guest appearance, contact them at

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  1. longklaw Says:

    I think I have on tape somewhere the match were Robocop came to help Sting and bent the bars of the cage. Memories…

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