Episode 49 – THE RETURN!

Geek Out Loud is back. ‘Nuff Said? Not even barely. How about Derek Russell (reluctant co-host)? E-mails! Muppets! Summer 2011! TRON! and more. It’s a fitting way to return to your safe place to geek out…this IS THE GEEK OUT LOUD PODCAST!


  • Hi! I’m a new listener, heard about this on The Star Wars Report. You guys are pretty funny and laid-back, and cover a good variety of topics. I’m looking forward to future episodes! Your opinion of Tron: Legacy is spot-on.

  • tomh1138

    OK, it’s a good thing I heard the sermon first, or otherwise I don’t know if I would be able to forgive you for ragging on Doctor Who so much! ;) LOL! Doctor Who is my favorite show on the air right now. I like it much better than Clone Wars! Just my opinion, though.

    I highly recommend that Derek try the Season 4 episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead.” (It’s a two-parter.) If he likes that, then he should move on to Season 5, because the guy who wrote that runs the show starting in Season 5!

    Regarding Muppets: Yes, there has been a difficult search for a new voice for Rowlf. Bill Barretta (also Bobo the Bear, Pepe the Prawn, and the Swedish Chef) can’t quite get him nailed down. You’re right, though, he needs to be there. The Muppet movies just haven’t felt right without him. And it looks like he’ll be part of the core cast again!

    (Rowlf did have a brief worldless cameo, playing the piano at Fozziwig’s party, in Christmas Carol.)

    I completely agree with you about Tron: Legacy. I think critics only like blockbuster movies if the person making them is somehow deeply politically collected, because some filmmakers just get a free pass no matter what, while other filmmakers can’t do anything right in the critics’ eyes!

    What I especially liked about Legacy is that it felt like a sequel to an ’80s movie as though it were actually produced in the ’80s. INDIANA JONES AND THE OVERLY LONG TITLE ABOUT THE CRYSTAL SKULL felt completely like a 2008 movie, to its detriment. Legacy, on the other hand, feels like it’s cut from the same cloth.

    I’m glad that the Master Control Program wasn’t resurrected for this movie. That would have been a cliche. Also, I don’t know if I would have killed off Flynn, but I think bringing him back would be a mistake – it would undermine the impact of this movie.

    Anyway, the good news is that Disnay has hired some writers to work on a TRON 3 script!

    So, those are my thoughts. Keep up the great job! I can’t wait to listen to episode #50!