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Jason Swank is an Adventurous Angel…So Say We All



Posted by Steve

With apologies to Mr. Swank.

Riley and Bethany Blanton from The Star Wars Report stop by to discuss a myriad of things, but to really try to dig into Battlestar Galactica. While here, Bethany starts a joke that becomes an uncomfortable running gag throughout the show.

It’s a surprise Epiversary show that I didn’t realize was an epiversary

With apologies to Mr. Swank.

Also, stick around at the end for a new hit song by Ben Foster.

Episode 50 – Low Key Epiversary



Posted by Steve

Happy epiversary everyone. This is number fifty after only three years. Derek and I discuss your e-mails and some other things that you’ve asked us to discuss. I relay my trip to Disney Star Wars weekends at Hollywood Studios. Also, the return of a podcast…within the podcast.

Episode 25 – The 25th Epiversary Listener Spectacular



Posted by Steve

On the 25th epiversary of Geek Out Loud, it’s all about YOU the listeners.  We geek out about the things YOU want to geek out about.  No begging the Forcecast.  No self gratifying shameless plugs.  It’s YOUR world.  Thank you so much for sticking with the podcast through 25 episodes even though we should be closer to 50 right now.  It’s been a fun ride and it’s just getting started.  Enjoy the 25th Epiversary Listener Spectacular.