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Episode 46 – Secret Wars Cross Over



Posted by Steve

After a long e-mail section, we delve into one of my favorite comic book story arcs of all time. Fantastic Four #313-319. If you’re not into comics, don’t worry, it’s Geek Out Loud. There’s all kinds of geeky goodness on this episode as we rush into the summer months of geekdom. A couple of things mentioned on the show include Two True Freaks, a second place win on The Force Cast, and The New Facebook Page.

Make sure to jump in on the fun at our new facebook page.

Episode 37 – If You Can’t Go To the ForceCast…



Posted by Steve

It’s rare that you get one GOL a week, much moreso to get TWO, but that’s just what’s happened. After begging, blogging, and shamelessly plugging, The ForceCast and Geek Out Loud finally join forces as Jason and Jimmy Mac come on the show to have a little talk about Star Wars and their podcast with lil’ ol me. Also tucked away in a corner of the podcast is a little announcement about a little project called The Big Honkin Show.

Episode 28 – We Forgot to Talk About the Sonic Screwdriver



Posted by Steve

On this episode of Geek Out Loud, we welcome Dave Jonese from The Vortex to the show as we talk a little about Dr. Who. Just what is Dr. Who? Why should I watch? Where should I start? We answer these questions and most likely present a few more as we SKEW OFF from time to time for discussions of Inspector Gadget, Star Wars, and we finally talk about something to make all of you Trekkies happy. All this and your e-mail on this episode of Geek Out Loud.

Episode 26 – It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…



Posted by Steve

It’s the Christmas edition of the Geek Out Loud.  We wrap up a few e-mails that came in after the 25th epiversary and then we read some Christmas lists.  Steve talks about his favorite Christmas movies and specials.  A little serious talk about Christmas all leading up to one big announcement/gift for the greatest podcast listening audience in the Universe.

Episode 24 – The One Before Episode 25 (An Origin Story)



Posted by Steve

On this episode of Geek Out Loud we kick things off with your e-mails and comments.   Then, we discuss the origins of  Geek Out Loud and Geek Out Online. Throw in a little talk about what I’m enjoying in comics and on television right now and you have a classic episode of Geek Out Loud.   And of course, we attempt once again to get an invite to the Force Cast.   You can e-mail those guys with the subject heading “Big Honkin’ Idea” at to let them know you want to hear Big Honkin’ Steve on the Force Cast.

Don’t forget to get your e-mails in for the big 25th Epiversary all listener e-mail extravaganza. Send those to you’ll have about two weeks from today to do that. Thanks for listening!