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Episode 29 – Smorgasbord



Posted by Steve

On this episode an old friend of mine stops by to talk about a bunch of different things geek.   From Lois Lane to Harry Potter to King Arthur to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Couple that with your e-mails and there’s hopefully something for everyone on this episode.

Episode 18 – It’s a Lady!



Posted by Steve

I am joined by JenN from The Starkville Community of Podcasts forums. And from Three Chicks and a Mic. We talk about everything from Star Wars to comics to vampires, to Smallville, to Summer movies, to donuts, and back to Star Wars again. All that and a Real Life Superhero who stands against temptation like no other hero could.

Make sure to check out JenN and her cohorts of femme fatales at