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Episode 79 – Two Fatties and a Funeral



Posted by Steve

The bet between Derek and Steve gets solidified in this episode, plus the guys tell you how YOU can take part in the Fat Off via As the snippets flow here’s what you may here talked about:

– Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
– The CW’s Arrow
– Supernatural? This one takes Steve by surprise.
– That amazing Captain America Winter Soldier Trailer
– That earnest X- Men trailer

The usual fun ensues as the guys do a classic late night recording session on your safe place to geek out!

Episode 68 – Jason, Jimmy, Jenny, and J.J. …And Sterek



Posted by Steve

It’s a packed full episode of Star Wars, Superman and the guys from Rebelforce Radio. Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac stop by to talk about their new podacsting endeavor and what the future holds for two wide eyed podcasters who have taken their first step into a larger world. Then, Steve and Derek discuss controversy, opportunity and Star Trek even gets more air time than Steve is comfortable with. All this and more of the usual antics on this episode of your safe place to Geek Out.

Episode 58 – Sean Phillips Reporting Live



Posted by Steve

On this episode, it’s snippets galore, your e-mails, and the guys discuss the current crop of movie makers who may in fact one day be legends in the field.