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Episode 7 – Shout Outs and Shameless Plugs



Posted by Steve

Here is Episode 7 from Dec. ’07:

While it’s not by best offering of a podcast ever, it is what it is.  In this episode I talk a Smallville, the viral campaign that is underway for THE DARK KNIGHT, JUSTICE LEAGUE casting rumors, and I answer some questions about Heroes and assign a new name or two.   Oh yeah, and David Hasslehoff comes to Geek Out Loud…sort of.  I mention him…WHILE I’M TALKING ABOUT KNIGHT RIDER.

Episode 4 – A New Hope (I Had to Do It)



Posted by Steve

This is Episode 4 of Geek Out Loud.  I am posting all 9 of the first episodes before releasing the newest episode 10.  Make sure that you are subscribed via iTunes or your podcatcher of choice as soon as possible.  Here’s what was originally posted back in November:

In this episode, BACK TO THE FUTURE gets an honorable mention, The Incredible Hulk is looking good, Justice League gives me a Smallville headache, and Heroes inspires a challenge.  I do get a little negative towards the good folks at Warner Brothers Studios, so I apologize in advance.  This is supposed to be a positive place.