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Episode 45 – Impromptu GOL Call In Spectacular



Posted by Steve

It’s everything from comics to Clone Wars, Lost to Smallville, and everything in between as an impromptu call in show gets underway and more people than I imagined showed up. It’s a supersized episode of GOL with the greatest podcast listening audience in the Universe letting its voice be heard. To help donate to Kim’s Walk for Autism Speaks head over to

Episode 10 – Tenth Epiversary – A Startling Metamorphosis



Posted by Steve

In this episode, we focus on The Incredible Hulk and that awesome trailer we finally got. We also focus in on some random geek outs thanks to your e-mails and comments. The home of Geek Out Loud has moved to it’s own location on the web.  The metamorphosis actually occurred during the show as halfway through the recording, I stopped what I was doing and brought the podcast to this site.    Go ahead and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes by clicking here.

A lot of links for this show:

For more information about Voltron click here

And here is Voltron on DVD for ya:

And here’s a link to that Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs thing. Click here for the wiki and here to watch the opening of the obscure television show, and let me know if you really think it’s the coolest theme song ever.

To watch Star Fleet click here and see what Thunderbirds meet Star Trek looks like.

Silverhawks fan site – check out the toys by clicking here.

Also, here a few products you may be interested in:

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