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Episode 38 – It’s About Time



Posted by Steve

After a hiatus that lasted waaaaay too long. Geek Out Loud is back and clearing out the electronic mailbag. Also, I tell you a little bit about a new project called The Big Honkin’ Show. So you can check that out. But before you do, make sure you check out the latest episode of your safe place to geek out…The Geek Out Loud podcast!

Episode 33 – B.A.G. Honkin Podcast



Posted by Steve

Brian Austin Green! Brian Austin Green! Brian Austin Green! There’s really not much else to say. Your e-mails, a special sponsor, and one BAG interview. Head over to to check out the sponsor for this episode. Did I mention Brian Austin Green is on the show?

Episode 23 – Addendum to the Future



Posted by Steve

In this extra sized episode (Fitting once you hear about the real life super hero.), Derek stops by to talk Back to the Future.  From the movies to the ride at Universal Studios, we talk about it all.  Also, two very special guests stop in to talk Clone Wars….and some other things.   We continue the quest to the ForceCast, and we check out your e-mail.

Here are a couple of links mentioned in the show:

To check out Michael Bailey’s Views from the Longbox podcast, head over to”.

To check out Jason’s Shadowy Flight podcast, get to the iTunes store link. Don’t forget to check out yours truly on the show.

Of course, to e-mail the good folks at the ForceCast and request a Big Honkin guest appearance, contact them at

Episode 20 – Like, Totally Awesome



Posted by Steve

On this, the twentieth epiversary of Geek Out Loud, we’re taking it back to where the foundation was laid for little Steve to grow into the Big Honkin’ Geek that he is today.  It’s all eighties talk along with your e-mails (which turns into a pimp everyone’s podcast segment), a real life superhero, and a rubik’s cube.  

Episode 19 – Summer Summer SummerTIME



Posted by Steve

On the latest episode of Geek Out Loud, we take a look back at the greatest Summer geeks have ever had.   From comic crossovers to the blockbusters that took our money at the box office, it’s all discussed and remembered fondly.  All that, plus listener e-mails and a real life super hero.

Check out the links mentioned in the show and tell them you heard about it on Geek Out Loud.

Major Spoilers, a great comic blog and podcast – Major Spoilers.

Views From the Longbox is Michael Baileys great podcast that covers a variety of things. Head to Views From the Longbox to hear great geek discussion. I’ll be on there in the next few weeks.

For great talk about all things Clone Wars, check out Michael Cohen’s “Frontlines: A Clone Wars Podcast.” You can find it at

Episode 18 – It’s a Lady!



Posted by Steve

I am joined by JenN from The Starkville Community of Podcasts forums. And from Three Chicks and a Mic. We talk about everything from Star Wars to comics to vampires, to Smallville, to Summer movies, to donuts, and back to Star Wars again. All that and a Real Life Superhero who stands against temptation like no other hero could.

Make sure to check out JenN and her cohorts of femme fatales at

Episode 17 – Please Let Those Star Wars Stay



Posted by Steve

Star Wars Geeking Out continues in this episode of Geek Out Loud.  We take a look at moments that make the original trilogy great, your Star Wars memories,  a little Expanded Universe and collecting talk, and we wrap it all up with a new segment that can be considered funny, inspirational, or downright offensive. (Depending on your mood.)  So cuddle up with an Ewok, feel the Force, get that big walking carpet out of your way, and enjoy Geek Out Loud.

Here are a few links from the Show:

Make sure to check out Michael Bailey’s podcast Views From the Longbox at

For Jason’s Knight Rider podcast, head over to this link.

Again, thanks to Jason for the Previously On…for this week’s show.