Teresa, Erich, and Steve are joined by Aaron Goins and Shazbazzar to discuss the final episodes of Star Wars Rebels.  They ask the important questions like “When did Kanaan and Hera have time to have a child?” “What if Ezra had chosen his parents?” “Can Stuffedy make magic one more time?” “Did anyone see those squid-whales coming?” “How does one […]

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Zero Hour

Erich, Teresa, Steve and Aaron Goins discuss the HUGE season three finale of Star Wars Rebels. Thrawn’s aim to kill comes full circle. The Bendu is the unseen rock in the river. Ezra has to be man. Kanan gets called Love. Duke voices Dodonna! IT’S ALL DISCUSSED and STUFFEDY HAS COME THROUGH WITH ANOTHER VIDEO!!! Check it out here! And […]

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Twin Suns With John Jackson Miller

Erich, Teresa, and Steve are joined by author John Jackson Miller to discuss the event that apparently spoiled for iTunes users everywhere. Darth Maul is dead…long live Darth Maul. The Chosen One is mentioned, and we all loved it. Loved it so much we talked about it for about an hour. Head over to to check out the […]

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