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Episode 48 – Crossover



Posted by Steve

In this episode there’s a little talk about my recent trip to Star Wars Celebration 5 in Orlando several of your e-mails, and a Star Wars Expanded Universe discussion with my good friend Jesse Colbert of Star Wars Book Report about our take on how The Force was treated in a few novels following the New Jedi Order story arc. A winner of the Buy A T-Shirt Host a GOL contest is drawn, and you may have to go elsewhere to get the whole story when it’s all said and done.

Episode 46 – Secret Wars Cross Over



Posted by Steve

After a long e-mail section, we delve into one of my favorite comic book story arcs of all time. Fantastic Four #313-319. If you’re not into comics, don’t worry, it’s Geek Out Loud. There’s all kinds of geeky goodness on this episode as we rush into the summer months of geekdom. A couple of things mentioned on the show include Two True Freaks, a second place win on The Force Cast, and The New Facebook Page.

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Episode 44 – The EU Wars



Posted by Steve

On this supersized episode, Jay and Tom from The Unknown Regions Podcast stop by and we have a long discussion about recent developments in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. We have a friendly debate about The Clone Wars Television series. In the end, it’s all about having a good time in everyone’s safe place to geek out.