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Starkville House of El 183 – Haunted and Effigy



Posted by Steve

Posting the latest episode of SHoE here due to some tech difficulties at the main site. Here’s what to expect:

A little late on this one, but Derek, Bryan, and Steve discuss the third and fourth installments into Smallville season 11 with ‘Haunted’ and ‘Effigy’. Bryan talks in detail about where the elements of ‘Haunted’ were forged from, plus lots of other behind the scenes bits on these two episodes. Also, Derek and Steve are now Smallville canon?! Plus early discussions of ‘Argo’ and ‘Valkyrie’

SHoE 179 – Guardian Wrap up with Bryan Q Miller



Posted by Steve

Steve, Derek, and Smallville Season 11 writer Bryan Q. Miller join up to discuss the ‘Guardian’ season premiere event in detail. We take you back in time a year to the events following the finale, plus a great discussion on the ins and outs of bringing these comic book turned TV turned back to comic characters to life on the page. Not to mention dialogue on the introduction of Batman and Nightwing in 11×02, some new exclusives revolving around the next three episodes, and the biggest reveal of them all: how does Luthor Mansion fit into season 11? You won’t want to miss this!