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Episode 73 -Tupelo Funny



Posted by Steve

Derek and Steve get together IN REAL LIFE to discuss a new Man of Steel TV Spot and trailer, Iron Man 3 Paul McCartney, and the usual silliness. It’s all here…IN PERSON!

Episode 72 – Trailer of Steel



Posted by Steve

Derek is back! He and Steve spend this episode completely gushing over the latest Man of Steel trailer. This is Superman geekery at it’s best!

Episode 67 – Bonded Trailer of Steel (hashtag Star Wars)



Posted by Steve

We spend as much talking about two and a half minutes of Man of Steel as we do about seven Bond films, Star Wars news and Friday Night Lights combined. Superman has once again captured out imaginations and we couldn’t be more excited on this episode of your safe place to geek out.

Episode 60 – Transitional Hearkenings



Posted by Steve

This transitional episode of Geek Out Loud hearkens back to the days when randomness abounded on the show. We roll through some rather in depth e-mails, and one not so deep, and then it’s on to talking our favorite Superhero of all time…SUPERMAN! All this, and a Round 3 to boot. Oh, and does anyone remember Spaceballs being rated PG-13 when it was released in theatres? Because I do.

Episode 9 – Big Honkin Returns



Posted by Steve

The last podcast to make the move to the new locale….From March of ’08:

In this episode, we look at my first review in a big time magazine.  Talk a bit about Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the rumored link between those two movies.  Then we jump into a little geeking out about Superman on film.  All this and some shout outs, shameless plugs, and geeky easter eggs on the return of the most “hard to stomach” podcast on the net.

Episode 3 – I’m All Alone



Posted by Steve

Posting the original nine episodes of Geek Out Loud before releasing the newest episode, episode ten.  Here’s what was posted back in October of ’07:

In this episode we finally get around to talking about those photos that leaked from the Dark Knight, we talk about the legal issues surrounding Superman, Heroes, Smallville, and a little more.