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On A GOL Like This



Posted by Steve

It’s an episode full of snippets and e-mails. Then the Techno Retro Dads invade for a crossover-ish episode as Steve records his impromptu appearance on their show live on GOL! We talk Star Wars, Batman, Bond, Dinosaurs, and so much more on this – your safe place to geek out!

Episode 107 – Just Like Tom Thumb’s News



Posted by Steve

Tons of news has broken since the last episode and we roll through it snippet style as well as read your e-mails and then Steve does a HORRIBLE impersonations theatre.

Episode 104 – Marvin and Grover



Posted by Steve

In this episode your e-mails are explored as we sort through the fallout of the Marvel Vs. DC episode. Also, the snippets are full of Star Wars and Super Hero goodness as well as a plug for some good friends of the show. Then…Marvin and Grover show up in a Bad Impersonations Theatre.

Episode 91 – Clearing out the Mail Bag



Posted by Steve

A tradition that dates way back on Geek Out Loud is listening to what you, the greatest podcast listening audience in the Universe, has to say about all things geeky. On this episode we do just that as we get to e-mails that have sat too long unanswered on your safe place to geek out. We discuss everything from Godzilla to Star Wars and Dave Jones from Mark Out Loud joins us for a bit to talk X-Men.

Episode 87 – Ready Player GOL



Posted by Steve

Steve completely forgets to talk about The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale! But, he touches on the picture of Ben Affleck as Batman, Roberto Orci directing Star Trek 3, makes a few people mad, and gushes over Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. All this and your e-mails too.

If you’ve not read Ready Player One…YOU SHOULD…click the link below to pick it up from Amazon and support the show!

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Episode 78 – SPOILER ALERT!!! or Bad Impressions, Snippets, and a Fat Off



Posted by Steve

Spoiler Alert! Breaking Bad spoilers from the outset of the show! STEREK IS BACK! Steve and Derek make a huge announcement for Geek Out Loud. Well…it’s huge for them. Everything from the DC Animated Universe to Breaking Bad is discussed. Be aware, Breaking Bad gets majorly spoiled from the outset of the show. It’s the usual silliness from the guys as they drool over Godzilla, Bryan Cranston, and laugh at bat reactions. And we aren’t talking Ben Affleck. It’s a fan made show by fans who don’t like fan made stuff…it’s Geek Out Loud.

Episode 77 – A Shot of GOL



Posted by Steve

In this episode Steve flies solo with a LIVE audience to discuss GOL, read some e-mails and rock a few snippets. Discussed on the show? Everything from Star Wars to Ben Affleck as Batman, Superman coins to Star Trek. All this, and listener stops by to talk a little Jerry Springer. WHAT? Seriously, his WIFE was on Springer.

Episode 74 – Speak When Spoken To



Posted by Steve

Derek and Steve return after millions of tweets, e-mails, and friendly nudges to discuss The Man of Steel. After all the excitement and build up, what did they think? You think you know…you may be surprised. Also, in the aftermath of several ComiCon announcements, Derek and Steve react to what was news, and what was not. All this on your safe place to geek out.

Episode 66 – Celebration, Snippets, and War!



Posted by Steve

Snippets and E-mails abound in this episode as well as Steve’s Star Wars Celebration VI experience. What happens when Steve accidentally spoils one of the biggest moments in a television show’s history for Derek? What happened at Star Wars Celebration VI? What is Star Wars Detours? How does the next season of the Clone Wars look? Just who does Jor-El think he is? Do the Sterek fans want a war with the real Sterek? It’s war and e-mails on this episode of Geek Out Loud.

Episode 65 – Spider-Bat-Super-Pod….Man



Posted by Steve

It’s a SUPER long episode with a lot of sound issues. In it, we talk about our reaction to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and THE MAN OF STEEL teaser(s) that hit theaters with Batman. Special Guest “Bat”Matt Kruger joins us to talk about his favorite superhero’s final chapter in the movie trilogy by Christopher Nolan, and we pay homage to those affected by the tragedy in Aurora.