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Episode 84 – S.H.I.E.L.D. Wars the Musical…What?



Posted by Steve

On a solo episode that was recorded with a live audience Steve talks everything from being on board with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Star Wars Rebels, and there’s even a bit of talk about Rocky: The Musical. All this and your e-mails too on this episode of Geek Out Loud

Episode 83 – Dogs and Cats Living Together!



Posted by Steve

On this episode, Derek and Steve discuss the late Harold Ramis and his most famous role in Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. Also included is talk about Guardians of The Galaxy, the new Lex Luthor, and Clone Wars and Rebels. It’s your safe place to geek out!

Episode 76 – Michael Cohen of Mars



Posted by Steve

Michael Cohen from Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast, Quiver: The Arrow Podcast, and The forthcoming The Rebels Podcast stops by to talk about John Carter of Mars, Disney conspiracy theories, and of course Star Wars. It’s a long one, so buckle in and enjoy your safe place to geek out!

Episode 66 – Celebration, Snippets, and War!



Posted by Steve

Snippets and E-mails abound in this episode as well as Steve’s Star Wars Celebration VI experience. What happens when Steve accidentally spoils one of the biggest moments in a television show’s history for Derek? What happened at Star Wars Celebration VI? What is Star Wars Detours? How does the next season of the Clone Wars look? Just who does Jor-El think he is? Do the Sterek fans want a war with the real Sterek? It’s war and e-mails on this episode of Geek Out Loud.

Episode 61 – The Face in The Window



Posted by Steve

With Autism Awareness month on the horizon, Geek Out Loud joins forces with our good friend Kim to help raise funds for her participation in Walk Now For Autism Speaks. Help Kim meet and break her goal of $2,000 raised by heading over to and donating to a great cause.

On this episode we talk about that, We stroll through some e-mails, Steve goes on a Star Wars rant, Derek gives us a reading from the Star Wars Encyclopedia, we talk a little bit about John Carter, we have some fun with some snippets, and a Round 3 all culminating in some serious talk about the Rocky franchise.


Just what is that face in the window?

Episode 55 – Heavily Edited



Posted by Steve

Good friend of the show James Arnold Taylor stops by to discuss his live show, voice, acting, and whatever else we can think of to talk about. Meanwhile, Steve and Derek try a tried and true form of podcasting that goes slightly awry and leads to a lot of dings, edits, and going out on top. All in all it’s the most…interesting…episode of GOL ever.

Episode 47 – State of Star Wars



Posted by Steve

Jason and Jimmy Mac from The Force Cast stop by to talk about all things Star Wars. Is it dead? Is it dying? Is it pointless? Or is it still worth celebrating? That’s the discussion on this episode of Geek OUt Loud. Don’t forget to head over to The Big Honkin Store and pick up your new and improved Geek Out Loud T-Shirt, on sale until Firday August 6.

Episode 45 – Impromptu GOL Call In Spectacular



Posted by Steve

It’s everything from comics to Clone Wars, Lost to Smallville, and everything in between as an impromptu call in show gets underway and more people than I imagined showed up. It’s a supersized episode of GOL with the greatest podcast listening audience in the Universe letting its voice be heard. To help donate to Kim’s Walk for Autism Speaks head over to

Episode 44 – The EU Wars



Posted by Steve

On this supersized episode, Jay and Tom from The Unknown Regions Podcast stop by and we have a long discussion about recent developments in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. We have a friendly debate about The Clone Wars Television series. In the end, it’s all about having a good time in everyone’s safe place to geek out.

Episode 43 – WOOOOOOO!



Posted by Steve

In this episode, I left the low end up on my guests microphone and for that I apologize. Dave Jones from The Vortex podcast joins us to talk all things Star Wars Concert, Doctor Who, Clone Wars Season 2, and something special that I’ve wanted to talk about with everyone for a while now. You see, I have a confession to make…My name is Steve and I’m a….you’ll see.