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Mark Out Loud – ComMOLtaries 2



Posted by Steve

In this episode Steve and Dave talk over some of your favorite matches. Included in the discussion are the classic ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon from Wrestlemania X, The Rock and Roll Express versus the Midnight Express from WrestleWar ’90, and CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan from Over The Limit 2012.

Mark Out Loud – TLC 2013



Posted by Steve

There’s a new champion in the WWE. They’re calling him the Champion of Champions. The World and WWE titles have been unified to form the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Who won at TLC? What did our intrepid commentators think of the PPV and the following Monday Night Raw? Steve and Dave give their reactions to the latest WWE Pay Per View and share their thoughts on what they think may be coming down the road for the company.

In The Squared Circle – Summerslam 2012



Posted by Steve

Dave and Steve talk about the 25th Summerslam. What did they like? What did they not like? What did they even agree on? Is that Summerslam song catchy or not? It’s all here in this episode of GOL: In the Squared Circle.