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DVT Rebel Yell – Spark of Rebellion



Posted by Steve

Steve and Teresa welcome Erich Schoeneweiss from Del Rey publishing to talk about the “pilot” episode of Star Wars Rebels – Spark of Rebellion. The hour-long movie kicked off the series in a big way and Disney Vault Talk walks you through everything from the questions to the cute. It’s the newest addition to The GOLiverse and the next big thing from Disney Vault Talk. Let’s hear your REBEL YELL!

Disney Vault Talk – Fun and Fancy Free



Posted by Steve

Steve and Teresa get fun and fancy free with…well…Fun and Fancy Free. Yet another package film from the 1940’s. This time out it’s a blast as the package film consists of two films hosted by Jiminy Cricket and friends and featuring THREE of the fab five – Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. Also discussed is the season premiere of Once Upon a Time, Disney News, and a very special announcement concerning Star Wars Rebels is made. Don’t forget the hashtag #WavingBear

Disney Vault Talk – Make Mine Music



Posted by Steve

After a bit of a hiatus, Steve and Teresa return to talk Make Mine Music. A package movie that features jazz, classical, and other types of music. What did the two think? WHY WOULD YOU KILL THAT WHALE?!?

Disney Vault Talk – Bambi (And BILL FARMER!)



Posted by Steve

Steve and Teresa discuss the classic, Bambi! But first, Bill Farmer, the voice of GOOFY, stops by to talk about voice acting, being Goofy, Disney, and he even tells a story about Bambi. Fun facts, history, YOUR e-mails, and did we mention BILL FARMER? All on this super sized edition of Disney Vault Talk!

Episode 71 – The Clone Wars Dilemma



Posted by Steve

Michael Cohen, graphic designer extraordinaire, stops by to discuss Disney’s handling of the Star Wars property thus far. It’s a much better take on things than Steve’s unreleased Star Wars Corner episode…and it’s a conversation that wasn’t intended to happen.

GOL Special – Mickeychlorians



Posted by Steve

Steve’s mind is blown for the first time in his life. Derek continues to amaze Steve with what the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm means. Star Wars Episode 7 speculation begins. Michael Cohen from Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast joins the guys to discuss the future of our beloved animated series. And there are jokes. Steve passes out…twice. All this on a special edition of Geek Out Loud.

Episode 63 – Assemble!



Posted by Steve

This is the episode people thought they wanted to hear. Derek and Steve finally talk about the Avengers. What did they think? What did they like? Are they Whedon fans now? Also, Derek brings Steve up to speed on his art collection. And there is an uncomfortable moment or two.

Episode 57 – It’s Time to Light the Lights



Posted by Steve

Steve and Derek are joined by special guest Graham Hancock and we devote an entire episode to the return of The Muppets to theaters worldwide. We went live for this one, so the audio is a bit wonky. All in all we had a great time talking about a movie that we all enjoyed. Spoilers abound, so if you haven’t seen the movie, you may want to hold off on listening.