Episode 163 – Fan Theories are The New Fan Fiction

Steve opens the show and welcomes a very special guest to discuss The Force Awakens Trailer. From there, he dives into some e-mails and then addresses some fan theories that […]

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Episode 133 – Then There Were Lightsabers

It’s bromance, on the scene reporting, and Steve is hoisted on his on petard. There’s live chat fun, and Star Wars geeking out in the realm of safe geekdom – […]

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Episode 69 – Raiders of the Star Wars of The Rings

This is a long one! Riley and Bethany from The Star Wars Report join Steve and they end up in the Star Wars Corner with Blayne, Steve’s friend from home. […]

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Steve’s Star Wars Corner – Kenobi

In this edition of Steve’s Star Wars corner, Steve takes a look at Obi Wan. He discusses everything from his original perception of “Old Ben” to what really made him […]

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Steve’s Star Wars Corner – Luke Skywalker

This time in the corner we talk Luke Skywalker, his journey, his victories, his failures, what we can learn…and was he trying to save his own life or his father’s?

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