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Episode 81 – A BAG Christmas



Posted by Steve

Brian Austin Green joins Derek and Steve and they talk about the holidays, family life, Star Wars, Terminator, and even 90210. A new segment is introduced all in an effort to bring you some holiday cheer. It’s a big Merry Christmas from your safe place to geek out – The Geek Out Loud Podcast!

Episode 79 – Two Fatties and a Funeral



Posted by Steve

The bet between Derek and Steve gets solidified in this episode, plus the guys tell you how YOU can take part in the Fat Off via As the snippets flow here’s what you may here talked about:

– Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
– The CW’s Arrow
– Supernatural? This one takes Steve by surprise.
– That amazing Captain America Winter Soldier Trailer
– That earnest X- Men trailer

The usual fun ensues as the guys do a classic late night recording session on your safe place to geek out!

Starkville House of El 183 – Haunted and Effigy



Posted by Steve

Posting the latest episode of SHoE here due to some tech difficulties at the main site. Here’s what to expect:

A little late on this one, but Derek, Bryan, and Steve discuss the third and fourth installments into Smallville season 11 with ‘Haunted’ and ‘Effigy’. Bryan talks in detail about where the elements of ‘Haunted’ were forged from, plus lots of other behind the scenes bits on these two episodes. Also, Derek and Steve are now Smallville canon?! Plus early discussions of ‘Argo’ and ‘Valkyrie’

Episode 66 – Celebration, Snippets, and War!



Posted by Steve

Snippets and E-mails abound in this episode as well as Steve’s Star Wars Celebration VI experience. What happens when Steve accidentally spoils one of the biggest moments in a television show’s history for Derek? What happened at Star Wars Celebration VI? What is Star Wars Detours? How does the next season of the Clone Wars look? Just who does Jor-El think he is? Do the Sterek fans want a war with the real Sterek? It’s war and e-mails on this episode of Geek Out Loud.