Episode 168 – Pass The Corn 2015 And MORE Force Awakens

Erich and his nephew Ethan join the show to look back at 2015 in a special Pass The Corn which will surely generate even more e-mails and tweets. After the […]

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Episode 147 – *SPOILER ALERT* Ant-Man Reviewed

Steve takes on Marvel’s latest outing – ANT-MAN. How did the ever staunch defender of all things MCU like the movie? Check it out, but beware, Spoilers abound! Also included […]

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Episode 107 – Just Like Tom Thumb’s News

Tons of news has broken since the last episode and we roll through it snippet style as well as read your e-mails and then Steve does a HORRIBLE impersonations theatre.

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Episode 103 – The Neverending Battle

After a few e-mails and comments, Steve takes to the show to celebrate the joy of Marvel vs. DC. “The joy?” Spoiler alert: Steve loves Super heroes and while we […]

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Episode 78 – SPOILER ALERT!!! or Bad Impressions, Snippets, and a Fat Off

Spoiler Alert! Breaking Bad spoilers from the outset of the show! STEREK IS BACK! Steve and Derek make a huge announcement for Geek Out Loud. Well…it’s huge for them. Everything […]

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Episode 74 – Speak When Spoken To

Derek and Steve return after millions of tweets, e-mails, and friendly nudges to discuss The Man of Steel. After all the excitement and build up, what did they think? You […]

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Geek Out Loud Special – Steve Flies Solo

In this special edition, it’s just Steve because he HAD to talk to someone, and who better than the greatest podcast listening audience in the universe. Steve gives his immediate […]

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Episode 73 -Tupelo Funny

Derek and Steve get together IN REAL LIFE to discuss a new Man of Steel TV Spot and trailer, Iron Man 3 Paul McCartney, and the usual silliness. It’s all […]

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