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Episode 66 – Celebration, Snippets, and War!



Posted by Steve

Snippets and E-mails abound in this episode as well as Steve’s Star Wars Celebration VI experience. What happens when Steve accidentally spoils one of the biggest moments in a television show’s history for Derek? What happened at Star Wars Celebration VI? What is Star Wars Detours? How does the next season of the Clone Wars look? Just who does Jor-El think he is? Do the Sterek fans want a war with the real Sterek? It’s war and e-mails on this episode of Geek Out Loud.

Episode 65B – Redux (The Dark Knight Rises Talk)



Posted by Steve

So, there were a LOT of issues with episode 65. Not least among them was the absence of A FULL HOUR of audio as we discussed THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Well, here it is, just the DARK KNIGHT RISES talk. And an apology…and an awesome announcement.

Episode 65 – Spider-Bat-Super-Pod….Man



Posted by Steve

It’s a SUPER long episode with a lot of sound issues. In it, we talk about our reaction to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and THE MAN OF STEEL teaser(s) that hit theaters with Batman. Special Guest “Bat”Matt Kruger joins us to talk about his favorite superhero’s final chapter in the movie trilogy by Christopher Nolan, and we pay homage to those affected by the tragedy in Aurora.

Episode 62 – Police Academy Ruled!



Posted by Steve

Kim joins us on this episode to promote Autism Awareness. Help her out as she supports Autism Speaks at a Walk Now For Autism Speaks event in May. Her goal is $2,000. You can help her meet it by heading over to and donating to her team.

We also talk The Avengers, Star Wars, and mostly Police Academy. It’s good times with a great friend.