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Episode 80 – Bib Up!



Posted by Steve

Steve and Derek cover a few things in this episode. Primarily THOR: THE DARK WORLD and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor.” Along the way there are e-mails, snippets, and a couple of off mic conversations. What five movies and TV shows would the guys watch if forced to only watch five? Have their feelings on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. changed at all? Are the Media Junkyard guys still around? All of this and more on your safe place to geek out!

Episode 53 – Insert Clever Quip About Marvel Movies Here



Posted by Steve

Derek and Steve react to Thor and Captain America. Did Alan Silvestri give us the first true superhero theme since Elfman’s Batman? How did Steve like Sherlock? Godzilla marathon anyone? More Muppets talk…of course, and hows about a spin of the wheel for Round Three. All this and your e-mails on your safe place to geek out.

Episode 39 – Hot Ashes



Posted by Steve

On this episode, Ashley Miller, former staff writer for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and current Fringe writer, joins us to talk all things geek and writing. He also drops a few hints about Marvel Studios’ upcoming Thor movie adaptation. We also jump into your e-mails.

Episode 2 – Number 2 Blues



Posted by Steve

Posting all 9 of the first episodes before I put out the latest episode.  Here’s the now classic episode 2.  Here’s what was originally posted:

On this, the second episode of Geek Out Loud, Jason from The NCN Blog and podcast joins us for some Heroes discussion.  Well, it was SUPPOSED to be just Heroes discussion.  We end up talking about Thor, the Justice League, the Avengers, and old times collecting comics. 

Then, The Best Little Sister in the world joins me for a little Smallville talk.  This is a long one, so we tried to make the Smallville talk a little abbreviated.   Also, please excuse the “uhms” and “ahs” in the Smallville portion of the show.