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Episode 40 – Holiday Cheer



Posted by Steve

Casey, our geeky, girly, contributor to Geek Out Online joins us and we discuss our favorite Christmas Movies. (It’s really just a list of some Christmas movie recommendations, laughing about our favorite moments, and arguing about one movie in particulary.) Of course we jump into the electronic mailbag which produces a performance by the Muppets, a discussion of Lost and V, and Cobra Commander orders a latte. All in all…it’s a really weird show.


Episode 27 – Big Honkin’ Dance Party



Posted by Steve

On this episode of Geek Out Loud we have ourselves a little dance party.  Complete with a couple of e-mails, some thoughts on the Watchmen movie situation, and a funny little story that you can read about by clicking here. So put your dancin’ shoes on and get ready for a Big Honkin’ Dance Party with Big Honkin’ Steve.