Episode 19 – Summer Summer SummerTIME

On the latest episode of Geek Out Loud, we take a look back at the greatest Summer geeks have ever had.   From comic crossovers to the blockbusters that took our money at the box office, it’s all discussed and remembered fondly.  All that, plus listener e-mails and a real life super hero.

Check out the links mentioned in the show and tell them you heard about it on Geek Out Loud.

Major Spoilers, a great comic blog and podcast – Major Spoilers.

Views From the Longbox is Michael Baileys great podcast that covers a variety of things. Head to Views From the Longbox to hear great geek discussion. I’ll be on there in the next few weeks.

For great talk about all things Clone Wars, check out Michael Cohen’s “Frontlines: A Clone Wars Podcast.” You can find it at www.clonewarspodcast.com.

One comment

  • Eemie

    Great episode! Steve – you do a wonderful job. The podcast just gets better and better. I’m going to go see if I can get all the Secret Invasion issues after hearing you speak about them. I loved the section you did on Clone Wars. You were right on target. It can be so frustrating to read about the show in newspapers and have it be so apparent that the reviewers just don’t get it. I’ve got an 8-year-old son and you were describing his reactions exactly. It is such a joy to watch the show with him – it makes everything new again. What I appreciate most about your take on things is that you see that Star Wars is not a static thing, frozen in amber. I just don’t understand how so many people can be so angry because this is not the Star Wars of their youth or young adulthood. This is the Star Wars of my son’s childhood and he loves it. So do I – for many reasons. In the first episode, when Yoda asks the clones to take off their helmets and talks about how they are all special and individual in the Force – it really got to me; and, how could any Star Wars fan not love it when Yoda, well, went all Yoda on the battle droids and ships in the canyon? Watching these shows with my son is something that I will always cherish and is something that I hope he will remember with fondness as he grows older.