Episode 40 – Holiday Cheer

Casey, our geeky, girly, contributor to Geek Out Online joins us and we discuss our favorite Christmas Movies. (It’s really just a list of some Christmas movie recommendations, laughing about our favorite moments, and arguing about one movie in particulary.) Of course we jump into the electronic mailbag which produces a performance by the Muppets, a discussion of Lost and […]

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Episode 37 – If You Can’t Go To the ForceCast…

It’s rare that you get one GOL a week, much moreso to get TWO, but that’s just what’s happened. After begging, blogging, and shamelessly plugging, The ForceCast and Geek Out Loud finally join forces as Jason and Jimmy Mac come on the show to have a little talk about Star Wars and their podcast with lil’ ol me. Also tucked […]

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