Survivor Series Weekend 2016

NXT Takeove – Toronto, GPW, Some other wrestling show that Dave went to, and Survivor Series. All discussed on this episode of Mark Out Loud. How do the guys feel about the most shocking moment in wrestling in 2016? What usual complaints about the product will we hear this time? Actually, the guys are pretty positive about things in this episode and GPW takes front and center with your chance to win a copy of the GPW SuperShow DVD with commentary from the MOL guys. Don’t forget just tweet “I want to hear @MarkOutLoud1 on @gpwrestling101 Supershow. #GPWDVD” to win the DVD. Or if you want to rent or purchase the show online just use the link below. Also below are links related to things we discuss on the show you can purchase to support the show.

Here’s the link to the GPW Supershow –