Episode 15 – The Obligatory Podcast

SPOILER ALERT!!!!  Well, it’s not original, but it is an episode of Geek Out Loud.   On this episode I am joined by a good friend with no website to plug (didn’t know that existed anymore).   We talk in depth about The Dark Knight.  Spoilers abound.  SPoiler alert.  If you haven’t seen this movie…DON’T LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!!

We start just wanting to talk about some high points in the movie, but we end up recapping the whole thing, and giving a bit of a review complete with theories about a third movie in the series.   It’s Dark Knight talk on Geek Out Loud.


  • thespleen

    Great stuff, Steve. What I love about your podcast is that I feel like I’m sitting down with a group of friends just geeking out. Keep it up!

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    off-topic: i wanted to say that i enjoyed you on SHoE so i decided to listen to the Geek Out Online podcast. and i’m so glad i did. the podcast is awesome, i enjoying hearing you and your guests geek out. and i’m listening and geeking out right along with you :D keep up the good work.