Episode 22 – LIke, Totally Awesome The Third

On this episode we round out the eighties trilogy as we talk about movies from the geekiest decade ever.  Of course, there’s your e-mail, and we celebrate crossing the 100 reviews mark on iTunes.  That brings a new challenge.  Listen to the podcast, then send an e-mail to Podcast@theforce.net to bring Geek Out Loud to the premiere Star Wars fan podcast on the internet.

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  • Eemie

    Princess Bride a chick flick – Inconceivable! I may love the movie, but Paolo and my husband like it even more. We love Goonies and ET (but not as much as Star Wars or Indiana Jones). We’ve just had a Back to the Future marathon. I’ve been looking for a copy of The Last Starfighter to watch with Paolo. It was so cool to hear you talk about all these movies that we’re having fun with. I really appreciate your comments about Star Wars. I get exasperated with people who hate on everything but the original Star Wars trilogy and even complain about the last movie in that series. I think that part of it is that nothing that they experience after the trilogy can be the same experience as they had with “their” Star Wars, that almost magical experience where the galaxy far, far away seems almost real. My boys love all six movies and Clone Wars, especially the newest version. At any given time I can always know where Paolo is at in the house by following the sounds of lightsabers and other weaponry that he makes as he plays (if I didn’t hear it I wouldn’t believe that a person could make that weird lightsaber sound without any electronic assistance). While he’s not a big Jar Jar fan, he doesn’t mind him. I think that one of the most important things that I’ve learned from my kids is that if you focus on the negative – the things you don’t like – your whole experience is tarnished and you lose out on all the good, but if you concentrate on the good stuff (like Yoda going all, well, Yoda on Count Douku in Episode 2), the rest isn’t so important, and life is a celebration. But then, this is from a mom who has a shot of the ghostly trio of Ben Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin as the background on her Star Wars special edition PSP and who carries a Clone Wars lunch box to work every day.