Episode 244 – The 2019 Marathon Episode (Finally)

Warning…a guest curses in this episode…Steve couldn’t find it to bleep it out. Also…Steve doesn’t like to edit…so it’s Steve’s fault…but still…he tried to find the word…he just couldn’t. Now that THAT’S out of the way. This episode was recorded way back in February during the annual GOLiverse marathon. (Which was successful by the way! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!) The first portion features YOUR calls. From there we are joined by Jimmy Mac of Rebel Force Radio and we round out the episode with a Pass the Corn with Erich and Adam as we discuss third movies in film franchises. All along the way we are joined by good friend of the show and co-host of Techno Retro Dads Shazbazzar!!!! Thanks to everyone who listened, called, and gave to CURE during this great day back in Febraury. It’s a long one so settle in and get ready to listen all week long!