Episode 53 – Insert Clever Quip About Marvel Movies Here

Derek and Steve react to Thor and Captain America. Did Alan Silvestri give us the first true superhero theme since Elfman’s Batman? How did Steve like Sherlock? Godzilla marathon anyone? More Muppets talk…of course, and hows about a spin of the wheel for Round Three. All this and your e-mails on your safe place to geek out.


  • zhengyingli

    I very much enjoyed both of your reviews of Thor and Captain America. My biggest compliment to both of these films: great job pulling off the looks of heroes! While I’m not a comic book fan, the research I did before watching the movies had me worried that the two heroes would look way too goofy live-action. Alas, they somehow found ways to make the comic characters believable.

    Even though I fairly enjoyed both of the films mentioned above, the story of X-Men: First Class blew me away in a way that Thor and Captain America didn’t, in which I’m a tad bit disappointed that First Class wasn’t mentioned in this episode :( Since X-Men is the only superhero film ya’ll haven’t covered for the summer, can I look forward to your feelings on it in the future? I know you mentioned Jackman’s score, but talks ’bout the movie itself would be super sweet.

    Anyways, keep up the good job – been enjoying the return of GOL.

  • Dae

    Just so you guys know, the reason Sherlock Season 2 is taking so long is because Martin Freeman was cast as Bilbo in the Hobbit movies. So he was filming the Hobbit for a while and then when they went on break he went over to do Sherlock.