Disney Vault Talk – The Top Ten

For Patreon Marathon Day, Teresa and Steve run down their top ten favorite Disney movies of all time. The two get more and more excited as they go up their respective lists and then…they get to their respective number one spots…and IT. IS. ON! Everyone loves lists and this one is one for the ages on Disney Vault Talk. http://media.blubrry.com/disney_vault_talk_geek_out/p/www.geekoutonline.com/podcasts/DVT/DVTTopTen.mp3Podcast: […]

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Disney Vault Talk – Pinocchio!

Steve and Teresa return to take your e-mails and talk about the second full length animated feature from Disney, Pinocchio. While the subject matter and story are a bit off putting, the two can’t get over how iconic the music is…and Steve almost makes Teresa cry. It’s the love and magic of Disney combined with the fun of Geek Out […]

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Disney Vault Talk – Snow White

The Inaugural episode of Disney Vault Talk with Teresa and Steve is here! In this first episode Steve and Teresa talk about the Inaugural animated feature from Disney, SNOW WHITE. What do they love about this movie? Does it still hold up? Also, Teresa introduces some Disney news. It’s the most magical podcast in the GOLiverse! AND IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!! […]

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