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Episode 16 – A Podcast Far, Far Away



Posted by Steve

It’s Star Wars talk on this episode of Geek Out Loud.  (Finally)  I don’t really get to go over everything I want to, so there will be more.   I have foreseen it.  It’s mostly prequel talk and I share my excitement over the upcoming Clone Wars movie.   Also, tons of e-mails and a couple of shout outs.

Among them are my good friend Michael Bailey whose podcast Views From the Longbox a, and the newest podcast to hit the nets by Michael Cohen – Frontlines: The Clone Wars Podcast which you can find at

So check ‘em out.

Episode 15 – The Obligatory Podcast



Posted by Steve

SPOILER ALERT!!!!  Well, it’s not original, but it is an episode of Geek Out Loud.   On this episode I am joined by a good friend with no website to plug (didn’t know that existed anymore).   We talk in depth about The Dark Knight.  Spoilers abound.  SPoiler alert.  If you haven’t seen this movie…DON’T LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!!

We start just wanting to talk about some high points in the movie, but we end up recapping the whole thing, and giving a bit of a review complete with theories about a third movie in the series.   It’s Dark Knight talk on Geek Out Loud.