Episode 52 – It’s Not Easy Being Green…Lantern

Derek returns to form Voltron…or whatever you call him and Steve together as the two make a play to be on the red carpet in with The Muppets in November, they talk a little Green Lantern, and the hilarity ensues when they play a game of Round 3. SMALL WONDER?!?!? All this and your e-mails on your safe place to geek out…this is the Geek Out Loud Podcast!!!!

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  1. Geek Out Loud makes me laugh out loud! Which must look odd since no-one else can hear what’s coming out of my portable media player. Thanks for making me look like a goof in front of my co-workers.

    I had no idea the “other show” shtick was a joke, but it sure was funny, just like most of GOL, heh. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Harry Potter episode. Hear ya then!

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