Episode 25 – The 25th Epiversary Listener Spectacular

On the 25th epiversary of Geek Out Loud, it’s all about YOU the listeners.  We geek out about the things YOU want to geek out about.  No begging the Forcecast.  No self gratifying shameless plugs.  It’s YOUR world.  Thank you so much for sticking with the podcast through 25 episodes even though we should be closer to 50 right now.  […]

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Episode 22 – LIke, Totally Awesome The Third

On this episode we round out the eighties trilogy as we talk about movies from the geekiest decade ever.  Of course, there’s your e-mail, and we celebrate crossing the 100 reviews mark on iTunes.  That brings a new challenge.  Listen to the podcast, then send an e-mail to Podcast@theforce.net to bring Geek Out Loud to the premiere Star Wars fan […]

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Episode 21 – Like, Totally Awesome Part Deux

The discussion of the eighties continues in this podcast as Steve takes a look at some of the television of the eighties.  Sure to infuriate you as he most likely leaves out your favorite show from the decade that laid the foundation for a whole generation of geeks.  A special Halloween segment and the usual listener e-mails rounds out the […]

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