Episode 10 – Tenth Epiversary – A Startling Metamorphosis

In this episode, we focus on The Incredible Hulk and that awesome trailer we finally got. We also focus in on some random geek outs thanks to your e-mails and comments. The home of Geek Out Loud has moved to it’s own location on the web.  The metamorphosis actually occurred during the show as halfway through the recording, I stopped what I was doing and brought the podcast to this site.    Go ahead and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes by clicking here.

A lot of links for this show:

For more information about Voltron click here

And here is Voltron on DVD for ya:

And here’s a link to that Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs thing. Click here for the wiki and here to watch the opening of the obscure television show, and let me know if you really think it’s the coolest theme song ever.

To watch Star Fleet click here and see what Thunderbirds meet Star Trek looks like.

Silverhawks fan site – check out the toys by clicking here.

Also, here a few products you may be interested in:

To get your hands on some Incredible Hulk goodies, check out these products:


  • Awesome work Steve! Great to hear your talk of Voltron. Come to think of it, I think that’s how I got into Power Rangers too… I spent hours in the backyard playing with my Voltron Lions, and it was taken to school more than once as show and tell…
    Never really got into the vehicle force.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and lets keep our fingers crossed that the next superhero on Smallville is Hal Jordan or Hurricane and Rosey (surely you remember WWE’s Justice League)

  • For some reason the silverhawks link didn’t work.

    Uhm…Really? Sabre Rider?

    Okay. I watched the openner…Looked cool…

    But not something I would have watched everymorning. I didn’t watch Robotech or Gatchaman/Gforce/BattleofthePlanets, maybe I wasn’t interested cause I was too young. I dunno…but i did Watch Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

    I think my local affiliate or syndicate television station which Aired Jayce Wouldn’t do it every day or maybe it was just moved too a later timeslot. I got really excited when I got to watch it though. I think that’s where I got my love for rings; of course, BionicSix were a super future family brought together by Fate and Given Super Powers. They activated em with a Ring and a Watch.

    Now As I recall…
    Bionic One was like what if the Six Million Dollar was around in the early 21st century and got married and had some kids. Well then they adopt two other kids so now there’s Six. There was uh…Mother One (Guess who that was), RockerOne? the hipster youth with the newwavedue and yes her weapons were her Backpack’s Stereo Speakers. SportsOne, uh The Brother…he had a bad. Yeah. I dunno. Karate One! Cause what 80s vision of the future could be complete without an Asian Kid. This kid was Named Bungee. He was awesome. The only one that looked vaguely like me. And Last but certainly not least cause I just identified with more cause of his glasses and brillance yes friends… HIGHQ

    And they had a giant gorrila robot and a cool jet. And an old like MrDrummond From Diff’rent Strokes type character who I guess was the Charlie to my rockin angel. Even though I didn’t watch Charlie’s Angels. I dunno. Maybe I was too young…

    Oh and Dr Scarab and uh…no wait I know it…uhm….. And…and…damnit! Sigh. uh. Well he had a henchman named Sludge, a dopey Donkey Kong looking guy named Mechanik, A dude ironically Named Glove, and uhm…Damn I can’t remember. I don’t know. It was a woman with a mask. But she and Rocker One were my total reasons to watch the show. I never understood in my youth why I liked crazy chicks so much. Now I know…And I’m frightened. Hold Me Batgirl! I’ll be you’re Dork Knight BatMite! We could have waves, gamma and alpha, that stretch across to the Fifth Dimension! ::POOF::

    Or ::Bamf::

  • And One more thing. Steve, You’re one in billions and billions served, Thanks for the Awesomeness of Podcasting you give us HOPEFULLY EVERY WEEK! (If not one then another Like maybe on Stark’s or Skynext or Wonder

    You’re Too Cool even for School.