Episode 241 – Relegislating Transformers?

Steve got a hair and fired up the mixlr late at night and started yammering on about four trailers that have been in the geek news lately.  Before he gets there though he jumps into the mailbag and fields your e-mails.  While doing that, he notices a comment in the chat that leads him to extol the virtues of one […]

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Episode 240 – ComiCon Wrap Up

Steve is joined by Erich Schoeneweiss to talk about all of their favorite news to come out of San Diego this year.  The guys discuss everything from Aquaman and Shazam to Godzilla.  Favorite guest Ethan also dips in to discuss the DC movie trailers that dropped.  It’s geeking out over the possibilities of what is to come on your safe […]

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Episode 239 – MU Read Through – The Death of Jean DeWolff

Scott Ryfun has tricked Steve into podcasting with him.  The result? The guys pick a story arc from across Marvel Comics’ vast library and break it down and discuss it.  This episode it’s the death of Jean DeWolff from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man issues 107 – 110.  The guys discuss why this story had impact, various cameos in the […]

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