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Steve’s Star Wars Corner – Kenobi



Posted by Steve

In this edition of Steve’s Star Wars corner, Steve takes a look at Obi Wan. He discusses everything from his original perception of “Old Ben” to what really made him change his views on Obi Wan Kenobi. And what makes Steve emotional as it pertains to Obi Wan? Check it out in the Corner.

Steve’s Star Wars Corner – Balance



Posted by Steve

It’s a new feature here on GOL. Steve’s Star Wars corner, where Steve takes some time to simply talk Star Wars. What will you discover from his musings? What will HE discover from his musings? This time around Steve attempts to tackle the idea of the Balance of the Force. He succeeds in opening a bunch of other topics up.

Episode 48 – Crossover



Posted by Steve

In this episode there’s a little talk about my recent trip to Star Wars Celebration 5 in Orlando several of your e-mails, and a Star Wars Expanded Universe discussion with my good friend Jesse Colbert of Star Wars Book Report about our take on how The Force was treated in a few novels following the New Jedi Order story arc. A winner of the Buy A T-Shirt Host a GOL contest is drawn, and you may have to go elsewhere to get the whole story when it’s all said and done.