Episode 2 – Number 2 Blues

Posting all 9 of the first episodes before I put out the latest episode.  Here’s the now classic episode 2.  Here’s what was originally posted: On this, the second episode of Geek Out Loud, Jason from The NCN Blog and podcast joins us for some Heroes discussion.  Well, it was SUPPOSED to be just Heroes discussion.  We end up talking […]

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Episode 1 – Geek Out Loud

In an effort to get all my ducks in a row with the podcast, I am going to repost all of the original 9 episodes before I get number 10 out.  Here is what was originally posted way back in October of 2007 when we first heard those fateful words, “You’re listening to the Geek Out Loud Podcast.”  So this […]

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This Is It…

The answers to all our problems? The Second Coming of Geek Out Loud? I honestly have no idea. It is with fingers crossed and a hopeful heart that this solves all of our iTunes issues and becomes the greatest thing ever for the Geek Out Online Network.

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